Highly Secure Translation Editor

Eliminate data leak and contamination risks

For times where security and sensitivity is paramount, it is vital that your content is protected at every stage of the translation process.

Our Highly Secure Translation Editor (HSTE) provides unrivalled end-to-end security for confidential content – eliminating data leaks and contamination risks.

Cybersecurity privacy data protection concept and document management concept,Businessman use laptop secure encryption to access data and documents Safe storage of confidential data of company system


Our patented CAT tool is a giant leap forward for file security – restricting linguists to a secure interface

It prevents third parties from saving, printing or taking screenshots of confidential documents, giving peace of mind that material is in safe hands. An innovative auto-delete function means documents are permanently erased after translation.


Key features

Unique file encryption for your proprietary information, rendering content unreadable in the event of a security breach.

256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard

Each file has a unique encrypted key

Secure deletion process

All file formats supported

Prevents cut/copy & paste


Feature restriction

Feature restriction to prevent the movement of your content to outside of the secure editor and from being saved to local computers.

End-to-end security management HSTE ensures the secure translation of your documents, transcriptions, audio files and scanned documents to provide invaluable protection for all of your translation requirements throughout the translation process.


Integrated Translation Memory

Integrated Translation Memory and terminology assets ensure unauthorised versions are not utilised for your translations.

All authorised translation memory is available for cost and time-effective turnaround.

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