Overcome any language barrier in a matter of seconds

In some situations, we appreciate that geographical limitations and time constraints do not allow for onsite interpreting support, which is where Over the Phone Interpreting can be utilised as an efficient and affordable solution for effective multilingual communication.

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Why OVer the phone interpreting?

Technology to break down boarders and geographical limitations

With over the phone interpreting, you can connect and collaborate within a matter of seconds, with no pre-booking or travel arrangement complications.

Sourcing face-to-face interpreters for emergencies, rural areas and rare languages can present logistical challenges, where telephone interpreting is a valuable solution.

Available 24/7 for emergencies and with the option to pre-book for scheduled appointments, telephone interpreting is an effective alternative to traditional interpreting appointments.

Priority calling

Specially designed for Police forces, the justice sector, Healthcare and Emergency services, WordSynk prioritizes calls for emergency services. Entirely automated through WordSynk, reducing delays of human interaction, our TI Priority calling service will connect you to an interpreter in seconds.

Maximum Security

Secure, encrypted calling

Maximum reliability

99% call fulfillment

Communication at your fingertips with WordSynk

With our state-of-the-art WordSynk technology, we also have a powerful mobile application which enables instant access to interpreters on your phone whilst on-the-go.

With a simple single sign up and two click access process, including language identifier screens, you can connect to an interpreter within 30 seconds.

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