About thebigword

As one of the largest language service providers globally, we utilise the greatest minds and boundary shattering technology to deliver phenomenal quality at scale to both our clients and linguist network.

Eradicating the final barrier of global communication.

As one of the largest language service providers globally, we utilise the greatest minds and boundary shattering technology to deliver phenomenal quality at scale to both our clients and linguist network.

We provide the best translation, interpretation, localization and language technology solutions for businesses, the public sector and individuals – handling up to 50,000 worldwide assignments every day.

Experienced, diverse leaders driving innovation forward

thebigword boasts a talented team of professionals with diverse backgrounds and expertise, dedicated to providing language solutions to businesses around the world.

Our board members have progressed through a broad range of industries and reflect a variety of personal backgrounds. The team provide guidance and leadership to ensure that thebigword continues to innovate and grow while maintaining its commitment to providing the best possible language solutions to our clients.

Joshua Gould, Chief Executive Officer

Group CEO, Joshua oversees the Group’s operations across all markets, enjoying success in leading cross-functional teams to drive global growth and efficiency.

Mark Daley, Global Managing Director – thebigword Translation

Mark is thebigword’s Group Managing Director for translation, with over 9 years in the business. Mark is responsible for the design and delivery of the organization’s global client experience strategy in translation.

Mark Rice, Global Managing Director –
thebigword Interpreting

Mark leads thebigword’s Interpreting business. Mark is passionate about driving innovation forward throughout the business with products designed for a new digital future.

Andy Lightowler, Group Chief Financial Officer

The day-to-day financial management of the business is expertly overseen by our Group Finance Director, Andy Lightowler, who can count on over 18 years’ experience within our Finance department.

Lauren McMullen, Global Head of Marketing

Lauren has been a driving force behind thebigword’s content and marketing activities for over 3 years, and is fully committed to shaping and executing thebigword’s evolving marketing and growth strategy.

Nilesh Dorik, Global Head of Business Transformation

Nilesh has played an instrumental role in the last 4 years to take thebigword India from concept to fully functional Operational Delivery centre. He specialises in setting up large, growth focused business operations to maximise efficiency and profitability. He is passionate about unlocking the value for the clients through using technology and creative problem solving.

Chris Whiting, Global Head of People & Talent

As the Global Head of People & Talent at thebigword, Chris Whiting is committed to fostering a vibrant, diverse, and inclusive work environment. With a keen focus on innovation, Chris leads on strategic people-centric initiatives to ensure that our people, and the organization, thrives and succeeds.

Emily Lynn, Global Head of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Social Value is a key component of thebigword’s approach. Our Head of CSR, Emily, is passionate in ensuring that thebigword makes a difference not only in the lives of our own employees, but also amongst the local communities in which we operate.

Gazal Malaiya – Chairperson of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Committee

Gazal has over 15 years of total experience in HR and heads the HR function for our India office. She believes in cultivating a culture of diversity and inclusion for solving systemic issues and making an impact on our clients, our industry and society. As a member of the Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion Committee she aims at driving social impact, across the organization and beyond.

Our Values

We’re one of the top 16 Language Service providers globally and the largest Interpreting services provider in Europe. More importantly, we are a conscientious employer with a great community.


As professionals we strive for excellence in all that we do.


Pioneers in AI language technology, we create trends and inspire the industry.


Through our ongoing investment in cutting edge thinking and AI technology, we create and deliver market-ready solutions and value for our customers.


We believe in a culture of trustworthiness, reliability and mutual respect.


We believe in our people and support their growth, helping them to realise their full potential. We recognize them as our greatest source of opportunity.