thebigword receives Cyber Security Boost with ISO 22301.

Over 30,000 major cyber-attacks are launched every day. As both people and businesses rely more and more on technology to store and share their sensitive information, the risks presented by cyber-attacks are only set to intensify.

Global companies are subjected to cyber-attacks hundreds of times a day and at this time more than ever, businesses must act quickly and appropriately to protect their clients, their employees and their supply chain.

As technology advances and new potential threats emerge, it is essential that businesses implement robust ongoing processes moving forward, along with regular cybersecurity checks and audits.

thebigword has recently secured ISO 22301 certification. This is a recognised international standard that supports businesses to implement, maintain and improve an effective business continuity management system.

The ISO 22301 standard helps businesses to understand and prioritise threats. It also defines appropriate steps to reduce the threat of disruption, empowering businesses to protect their assets if something does go wrong, and to recover quickly from any incidents.

Joshua Gould, Chief Executive Officer at thebigword, said: “It used to be the case that CEOs would outsource cyber security and business continuity and then forget about them. However, we now live in a world where major business disruption can result from individual hackers targeting your business, or from rogue states using armies of hackers to generate cash.

We considered it critical to our business to implement comprehensive standards around cyber security, resilience and business continuity, and to ensure that these standards are reviewed and enhanced by our Executive Management Board on a regular basis.

Our ISO 22301 certification showcases our stringent approach to business continuity and is just one of the measures we have taken to ensure the safety of our database, whilst reducing the threat of disruption to our business.”

The certification was awarded after an in-depth external audit, with impressive feedback for thebigword’s people, processes and practices. The ISO 22301 certification is just one of many professional standards thebigword has acquired to help protect the business for our clients, employees and supply chain.

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