thebigword launches the world’s most secure Translation Management System, thebigword TMS


h3. thebigword launches the world’s most secure Translation Management System, thebigword TMS

h3. thebigword TMS will also save linguists time with projects delivered much faster than industry standard

thebigword, a technology-enabled language company, today announces the launch of a brand new Translation  Management System (TMS) which promises to deliver benefits to both businesses and linguists globally.

h3. thebigword TMS: better for business 

thebigword TMS, a new piece of technology set to revolutionise the language industry,   promises 28% more savings on translation spend for businesses and delivers 66% better quality translations than the industry average.

Fusing unique technology with highly qualified, experienced linguists, thebigword TMS supports the translation process to deliver perfect global communications across all markets. It is also the world’s most secure environment for translations boasting security features which safeguard confidential information.

h3. According to Larry Gould, founder and CEO of thebigword:

“Businesses are increasingly under a heightened risk of hacks and leaks. Based on the current reality many businesses face, we’ve gone above and beyond the industry standard to offer the most secure environment possible for translations.

“thebigword TMS protects content throughout every stage of the translation process, mitigating risk of theft, unauthorised or accidental exposure of content. This is vitally important for a range of highly sensitive documents which are frequently translated, including company results, contracts, and new product information.”

This new technology also promises to deliver projects four times faster than the industry standard, meaning linguists can work even more effectively ensuring that deadlines are met. Content translated with thebigword TMS also contains fewer mistakes per thousand words than the industry standard, delivering the highest possible level of translation quality.

h3. Larry Gould adds:

“Technology has expanded at pace and linguist requirements have changed, as have the needs of businesses. We have invested heavily in thebigword TMS, which will better serve the needs of our clients, and help linguists do their job more effectively.”

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