Telephone Interpreting: Why language is no longer a barrier for communication

Why interpretation?

As globalization and digital revolution opens up more countries, economies and individuals to the rest of the world, interpreting and related language services count vital for proper communication and understanding across the globe, clearing the roadblock of lingual diversity.

Regardless of whether there’s a need to communicate with patients, business partners or clients, having quick access to professional interpreters at your fingertips enables businesses and individuals to connect and communicate with multicultural populations.

What is telephone interpreting?

Known in the language industry as ”Telephone Interpreting” or “Over-the-Phone Interpreting” (OPI) interpreting services done over the phone, which is majorly consecutive by nature, are extremely important in today’s diverse, modern, and fast-moving society.

A telephone interpreting service connects individuals or businesses who wish to communicate with each other but do not share a common language via a conference or three-way calling system to convert the language spoken by one party to another party in real time, or after one side has spoken. From being managed from large, physical call centres in the past to the trending digital call centres, with all calls and call routing managed in the cloud, an interpreter is now accessible over call in less than 30 seconds.

Who is it designed for?

Telephone Interpreting services are highly useful in cases in which two parties need to communicate with each other via telephone or where there is no time to locate an interpreter to physically come on-site, which includes:

  1. Calls made to emergency dispatchers
  2. Customer service calls from consumers to call centres
  3. Calls that involve the review of applications made over the phone

For instance, in the healthcare industry when it is time sensitive, telephone Interpreting can provide immediate assistance in overcoming language barriers regardless of the location and language involved. Since interpreters can be based anywhere in the world, using technology they can be connected through within seconds to help in critical and emergency situations.

Top industries that need interpreting services more are Healthcare, Legal, Entertainment, Banking, Financial services, Public and Government services to name a few.

Advantages of Telephone Interpreting

Here are some other key benefits provided by telephone interpreting services for businesses, organizations, and customers:

  1. Minimized wait times and communication errors
  2. Quick responses and easy accessibility
  3. Improved satisfaction
  4. Efficient operations
  5. Wide reach to multicultural consumers
  1. Pocket friendly
  2. Simple and easy-to-use system with no special equipment needed
  3. Accessible From Remote Areas
  4. Confidentiality

Connecting the world instantly with the WordSynk Telephone Interpreting application

Our WordSynk Telephone Interpreting app offers greater flexibility and immediacy in an emergency scenario. In a two-step process, you can automatically select your language, press call and get connected with a professional interpreter within less than 60 seconds.

thebigword connects you with an interpreter in seconds, making the process a smooth and easy from start to finish – an essential in time sensitive and emergency situations. Our telephone interpreting service offer:

  1. Immediate Support for simple, immediate service for connecting clients with an interpreter
  2. Automated technology for a smooth, instant service by matching clients requirements with a relevant, qualified interpreter from a network of over 14,000 professional linguists
  3. Industry-specific experience and expertise industry-specific experience that provides interpreters for the legal, finance, justice and emergency service sectors, to name a few

For more information about this interpreting service, visit our dedicated Telephone Interpreting page.