thebigword’s Business Development Director attends Tekom / tcworld Conference

thebigword’s Business Development Director, Nancy Hähnel, recently attended the tcworld conference in Germany to collaborate with other international providers in the software and services industry.


The tcworld conference selected international speakers to discuss and present valuable information on content strategies, management of structured information, optimization of translation and localization processes, language technology, neural MT, as well as terminology, quality assurance and data-driven decision-making.


Attendees had the chance to seek new business relationships, discuss relevant content, expand their networks and plan for future strategies.


Nancy Hähnel, Business Development Director, said: “It was great to meet with both existing clients and prospective clients, as well as other industry players during the Conference program, as well as at the Trade Fair, the Arena, the Gala Localization Forum and the meet-up with Women in Localization.


We had the chance to collaborate and share like-minded ideas, meet individuals from various sectors and countries and discuss potential future opportunities.


It was a successful few days and I hope to implement the valuable information I learned into thebigword’s plans for the future.”

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