thebigword Transformation

thebigword Group has transformed itself from Language Service provider into an innovative platform-based Language Technology company with SaaS Model.

WordSynk an industry first all-in-one language platform, has been at the heart of thebigword’s transformation. The platform combines all services, from translation through to transcription and interpreting within one language technology platform. The company’s mission is for WordSynk to become the world’s defacto multilingual communication tool.

Automation has played a key role in thebigword strategy with 98% of all of thebigword’s business now automated following the completion of its multimillion-pound Digital Transformation journey.

thebigword has now gone a step further and is transforming the employee experience. Today, the company has unveiled its virtual working proposals and updated Elite values in an all-staff Town Hall meeting headed by company CEO Joshua Gould and Chief People Officer Leanne Gregg.

thebigword intends to give the majority of staff the opportunity to choose if they would like to work from an office location or virtually.

Commenting on the virtual working proposals Chief Executive Officer Joshua Gould said: “Our employees have a voice in the workplace. We make it our business to listen to the strategies of the people who are doing the work and have the relationships with our clients, and we know that creating more flexibility for our global workforce will be welcomed by our staff. 

The company has also relaunched its website with a new look and feel that reflects the journey thebigword has undertaken.

“We are thrilled to debut our new company website to our clients, linguist partners, and visitors who are looking for information about our language technologies and services, guides and insights on that matter” said Luis Sangiovanni, Chief Marketing Officer. 

“This website redesign truly enhances our services and the overall experience with our brand as a whole.” 

Providing a fully responsive experience, the new website is easily accessible through all platforms, be it from a desktop browser or a mobile phone. The enhanced design creates a clear customer journey, that allows visitors to see the key factors to consider when partnering with a language service and technology provider, resulting in more informed decision making.