thebigword takes the complexity out of translation

thebigword, one of the world’s largest technology-enabled translation and interpreting companies, has developed an innovative online tool on their new website to make it easier for everyone to get started with their translation projects.

Solution Designer, takes the user through a series of guided steps and quick questions to establish their translation project requirements.

Solution Designer uses this intelligence to deliver a ‘Personalised Project Workflow’ which breaks down the translation project into manageable steps and gives the user the information they need to take their project forward quickly and easily. Solution Designer also provides recommendations for value-added services, such as utilising a Translation Memory to speed up the translation process, adding real value to their translation project overall.

Kenny Sendel, Group Chief Technical Officer for thebigword, says: “We want to help those that are ‘new-to-translations’ to understand the options available to them, so they can make informed decisions regarding their translation projects. Solution Designer quickly gets to the heart of their requirements to deliver a personalised project plan, from which they have the ideal starting point to localise their materials effectively.”

thebigword is a global technology-enabled language service provider that provides translation (written word) and interpreting (spoken word) services for a wide range of public and private-sector clients. thebigword employs nearly 500 people based in 12 offices in nine countries, working with more than 10,000 linguists worldwide. Every month, it interprets over the telephone around 2.5 million minutes of speech in 235 languages and its linguists carry out 14,500 face-to-face interpreting appointments. thebigword translates 35 million words a month in and out of more than 400 languages.

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