thebigword partners with Leeds based charity Zarach as one of their ‘Dream Makers’

thebigword, a leading language services provider, is incredibly proud to announce a new partnership with Leeds based charity, Zarach.

Zarach are committed to helping children and families who are living in poverty crisis. They strive to ensure every child who needs it has access to a comfortable bed through their ‘Every Head a Bed’ campaign.

Embracing the role of a ‘Dream Maker,’ thebigword pledges unwavering support to Zarach through an annual donation of £1000 for the next 3 years, dedicated to supporting their volunteer services and transformative initiatives. This generous contribution will enable the delivery of essential Bed Bundles including brand-new beds, mattresses, duvets, pillows, bed sheets, pyjamas and hygiene kits to children referred to their service.

The annual donation will be a result of engaging fundraising activities thoughtfully curated by thebigword’s dedicated CSR team. The events calendar will offer a diverse array of activities, from volunteering days to thrilling challenges, encouraging maximum employee participation and fostering a sense of community impact.

“When seeking a charity partner, it was crucial for us to find an organization that shared our values and vision for a better world. Zarach’s unwavering dedication to breaking down barriers, uplifting lives and nurturing dreams struck a chord within us, making them the perfect fit for our Corporate Charity Partnership.” said Emily Lynn, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility at thebigword.

She added: “Together, we aim to make a profound difference in the lives and educational attainment of vulnerable children within our own community. By announcing this partnership, thebigword wholeheartedly pledges our unwavering commitment to supporting this vital mission.”

Zarach’s impactful initiatives have already brought about transformative changes in countless lives, providing essential support to children living in poverty, ensuring they have the necessities for their daily lives.

Many of these children who are Limited English Speakers, will also benefit from thebigword’s Telephone Interpreting services which will be donated too, further extending the reach of Zarach’s assistance.

“We are thrilled to partner with thebigword and combine our strengths for the greater good. We know that their long term commitment to support us both financially and practically, will go to help changing the lives of many people in our local communities.” said Alice Smart, Fundraising & Engagement Lead at Zarach. 

“With thebigword’s expertise in language services, we can now also bridge the language barrier we face and deliver our services more efficiently to those who need them the most.”

Both thebigword and Zarach are excited about their long-standing partnership, firmly convinced that they can bring about a tangible and positive difference in the lives of children and families within our communities. United in their belief, they wield the power to create genuine change and shape a brighter, more compassionate future for those who need it most.