thebigword Group commitments during the COVID-19 crisis

We would like to update you on how thebigword Group is responding and working through readiness plans as the COVID-19 outbreak evolves.

We have tested and prepared for situations such as COVID-19, and there will be no disruption to our worldwide services as we continue to work at full operational capacity.

We have been able to leverage our technology and flexible human resourcing to address isolated supplier constraints. Our global network of linguists has been fantastic in collaborating with us to achieve this.

We are committed to helping organisations of all sizes communicate with their customers, workers and communities in their own language during this crisis. We can do this safely and remotely with our telephone and video interpretation and translation services to keep business and government moving forward at this time.

We have planned for this and there will be no disruption regardless of the level of pandemic. Our procedure has been tested and we are 100% confident we will service clients as effectively as we would at any other time.

If you are a customer, please contact your account team at any time. You can also email us at

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