thebigword directly awarded new contract with Royal Mail

Global Language Technology company, thebigword, have received a new contract with nationwide postal service provider Royal Mail. The contract was received as a direct award.

Royal Mail is a postal service and courier company that has been established for over 500 years. Royal Mail is a household name in the United Kingdom, being the primary postal service for day-to-day postage.

thebigword has worked with Royal Mail since 2019 and will now service all their Translation, Interpreting and Over the Phone Interpreting assignments going forward.

James Toal at thebigword said: “We are delighted to have received a direct award with Royal Mail and continue our partnership together and support their language needs. Royal Mail is a great name in the UK and is a service the majority of us use on a daily basis, so knowing we are continuing to help their customers with limited English is something we are very proud of.”

The decision to continue to use thebigword as their Language Service Provider was shaped by their previous proven track record of successfully completing translation and interpreting projects on time and staying within budget.

thebigword will continue to provide languages services to Royal Mail covering projects such as Delivery Notices, International Tracked Notifications, and letters to their customers. Within their Interpreting division, thebigword will continue to work closely with the deaf community providing support for British Sign Language to Royal Mail customers.