thebigword completes Digital Transformation and eyes further growth

With 2.5 quintillion bytes of content created each day, demand for content localization is growing daily. According to CSA Research, the language services and technology Industry market size will grow to some $53 Billion in 2021.

thebigword has capitalised on this growth through its online WordSynk app. Each month over two million minutes of virtual interpreting is accessed via the platform and users are making over 18,000 face to face interpreting bookings. WordSynk users are also requesting over 90 million words of translation each month and demand continues to grow.

Automation has played a key role in thebigword strategy with 98% of all of thebigword’s business now automated following the completion of its multimillion-pound Digital Transformation journey.

thebigword set out to create a better customer experience, whilst reducing costs, widening access to language services and the ability to blitz scale the business whilst maintaining high quality levels.

thebigword’s mission is for WordSynk to become the defacto multilingual communication of the world. It is already used by many of the Fortune 500 Companies and Governments to communicate with their stakeholders and populations.

Chief Executive of thebigword Group, Joshua Gould sees great opportunity for growth: “The WordSynk platform is reducing costs by up to 90% for translation projects and by up to 50% for interpreting. This enables the whole business community to access the same services previously only available to Fortune 500, allowing companies to trade internationally and access global markets in a cost-effective way.

We are looking to grow the WordSynk Platform through organic growth but also through acquisitions and we have now appointed advisors to review complimentary language businesses.”

thebigword which is one of the largest language technology companies in the world, is a major supplier to the UK and US Governments and other NATO members around the world as well as some of the largest companies globally. The company is based in the United Kingdom and operates globally with operations in the United States, Continental Europe and Asia.

About thebigword Group:

thebigword Group is a global language technology company comprising of thebigword, TBW Global and WordSynk. It is privately owned by Founder and Executive Chairman, Larry Gould.thebigword is one of the top 16 Language Service providers globally. It is the largest interpreting services provider in Europe and ranked 4th in the world.

thebigword is one of the top 16 Language Service providers globally. It is the largest interpreting services provider in Europe and ranked 4th in the world.

WordSynk, the company’s all-in-one language technology platform is a market first. WordSynk gives its users the power to communicate without language barriers through a single platform on any networked device, providing instant access to translation and interpretation services with a network of over 20,000 professional linguists in over 250 language combinations.

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