International travellers can access interpreters through travel risk app

International business travellers can connect with expert linguists in less than a minute via a new mobile app feature developed by thebigword.

The company has supplied its proprietary technology to a leading security management company for use in its travel risk app.

This allows a traveller to call a qualified, experienced mother-tongue linguist who can be placed on speaker phone for effective consecutive interpreting.

The ability to communicate quickly and effectively makes international travel much safer for users and greatly reduces risk and the potential for misunderstandings.

The feature provides access to more than 140 languages in less than a minute.

Larry Gould, chief executive and founder of thebigword, said: “Travel apps provide high quality tracking and monitoring services for business travellers, updating them on country risk assessments and sending instant push notifications on geo-specific news.

“But until now, they did not offer communication in multiple languages. We are delighted to be supplying our technology to SI Risk to allow the company to provide best-in-class language services within an app.

“Our network of highly skilled and security cleared expert linguists are on standby to help international business travellers in the most challenging and demanding situations.

“We can apply this technology to multiple travel apps, which means that business travel can be safer and easier for users in all corners of the earth.”

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