In the clouds: thebigword Group teams with Microsoft

Tech-enabled language service provider, thebigword Group, has collaborated with Microsoft to move its whole technology infrastructure into the cloud.

Working with a large portfolio of clients in the Government and regulated sectors, security is a top priority for thebigword. Through its collaboration with Microsoft, the company will be offering a multi-layered approach to security in Azure with a team of 3,500 cybersecurity experts across the world.

thebigword Group has big plans to continue expanding its presence around the globe, cementing its place as one of the top language companies in the world. thebigword is ranked 9th language service provider in the European continent and as world #1 fastest growing interpreting centric Language Service Provider in the world with 28.33% growth in the last year. Continuing investment in its proprietary technologies is a major part of this.

The company has recently launched an innovative mobile app, WordSynk, allowing instant access to on-demand interpreting services. It is a unique, powerful interpreting application available 24/7/365, and Police Forces across the UK are now taking advantage of this. Since its launch in February 2019, WordSynk is already having a huge impact in the fight against crime.

Commenting on the announcement with Microsoft, Chief Information Officer at thebigword, Mark Rice, said: “One of Microsoft’s key differentiators is security, this creates peace of mind for our clients, customers and interpreters. When we are dealing with huge multinational corporations, Government or even the military, it’s paramount that data is kept secure at all times.

Our old-fashioned on-prem system was extremely secure but did not provide us with the agility to scale securely, but now we are in a secure cloud with Azure with infinite scalability.”

thebigword Group has also recently launched a Digital Center of Excellence in Hyderabad, India, with 50 people, focusing on digital transformation initiatives. The new center is a crucial step that will allow thebigword to develop more robust, innovative verticals to its core business model.

As a global business with continuous investment in technology, thebigword strives to improve product support and quicker technology implementations.

 Michael Wignall, Chief Technology Officer, Microsoft UK, commented “In cementing its place as one of the top language companies in the world, moving away from on-premise servers and embracing Microsoft’s cloud was key for thebigword.

The Azure powered digital transformation is centered on a multi layered approach to security, due to the heavily regulated markets end users are a part of. We look forward to a continued relationship as the business continues to innovate.”

About thebigword Group:

thebigword Group is a global language solutions company comprising of thebigword, TBW Global and Gould Tech Solutions.

With almost 40 years’ experience, thebigword Group operates across the globe and is the largest interpreting services provider in Europe and is among the top 15 language and translation companies in the world.

The company is also the fastest growing interpreting centric Language Service Provider in the world with 28.33% growth in the last year.

TBW Global, the group’s defense company, provides defense and multilingual communication services to NATO member countries and customers including the UK MOD, the US Department of Defense and a number of global defense and aerospace prime contractors.

Gould Tech Solutions Ltd, the group’s technology company, provides clients with connectors, integrations, and highly automated systems to support the delivery of fast, accurate, and secure translation and interpreting services globally.

About Microsoft:

Microsoft (Nasdaq “MSFT” @microsoft) enables digital transformation for the era of an intelligent cloud and an intelligent edge. Its mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more.


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