Honda has been one of the globes largest manufacturers for decades, with a highly diverse product base producing everything from engines to robotics they need a versatile language service partner.


Honda’s product line includes series of automated lawn mowing robots known as the “miimo”. These high ticket products are designed for a tech savvy consumer who wants a gadget to take the strain of a common household chore. Honda approached us with a request to translate the gadgets accompanying app into 9 languages ready for market. The app, named Mii-Monitor, is available on the Google Play and Apple App store and allows users to control and schedule their miimo from the palm of their hand.


When beginning work on this application’s content with multiple languages at once, thebigword coordinatd the project with Honda’s request that we use a third-party app localisation tool. In conducting the project, we worked with a pool of linguists well familiar with Honda’s specific brand voice and style, we were able to successfully coordinate localisation into 9 languages via the third-party platform and found that by integrating Honda’s extensive Translation Memory in our systems we were able to complete on schedule and in line with their budget for the project.


•Collaboration with linguists from 9 separate language pairs in their respective home countries through a third-party tool.

•Integrated workflow with our own proprietary system allowing for greater capacity and cost savings.

•Localised a multilingual troubleshooting and error reporting process for each language.

•Providing on-going support as part of a continuous project as the Mii-Monitor App goes through version updates