Seamless Connectivity

Integrate your Content Management System directly to our WordSynk platform for instant translation project updates without human interaction.

Ready to plug connectors

Save time when you integrate translation with your digital platform

Translating your website or digital content can be easy. When you use a WordSynk Connector or API, you embed translation directly in your digital platforms, such as CMS, PIM or DAM. No more copy and paste, worrying about file formats or keeping track of multiple versions. You get a high-quality translation sent back to your digital platform that’s ready to publish. It’s as fast and as simple as that.

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  3. Automation

Faster Turnaround

Instant, encrypted access to translation services through Ai powered automation

Faster translation with custom API integration

Use WordSynk API client libraries to streamline translation in your digital platform. Our robust tools include extensive documentation for optimal integration.

Efficient translation of your digital content

We’ve developed ready-made translation connectors for common digital platforms. You can also use our API to create a custom integration to connect your .NET, Java or PHP based digital platform with WordSynk. A custom integration simplifies translation of your digital content, saving you time.

What we do

Computer powered solutions

Increase productivity

Integration eliminates manual, time-consuming steps in your multilingual content creation process. Select the content you need translated and WordSynk handles the rest. You’ll receive the ready-to-publish translations back to your digital platform.

Client libraries help build a robust integration

Our client libraries handle some of the complex parts of the integration. They reduce the time it takes to build a robust integration between WordSynk and your system. Our API is built for maximum stability, so you won’t lose jobs or completed translations if there is a network interruption.

We help you from start to finish

When you choose to integrate your platform with WordSynk, we start a process of close collaboration. Besides extensive documentation, we offer expert consultancy. You’ll have access to the API integration product owner and the developers behind it.

Reach more customers with high-quality translation

When you connect your digital platform to WordSynk, you get access to our network of 15,000 linguists who can translate into more than 500 language combinations. No matter what language you need or industry you work in, we can connect you with a language expert who meets your needs.


A Trusted Technology Partner


Our WordSynk System is one of the most secure on the market. Hosted on Microsoft Azure Cloud Systems, it is one of the most secure cloud-solutions available, with 256-bit encryption.

Microsoft Azure

For clients who require additional layers of security for their own compliance we are able to offer local and remote data storage through Microsoft’s Azure server network.

ISO Compliant

We hold the ISO27001 for Information Security, demonstrating our commitment to providing excellent service to our clients. Including excellence in how we handle their data.


Many of our clients have made commitments to Green and Carbon Neutral pledges, a commitment we admire and have striven to help our clients attain. That is why thebigword is 100% carbon neutral, so our clients can be sure that we are doing our part as a supplier.


Please contact our Sales Team for any information regarding our services and to discuss how they can benefit you. We monitor our inquiries inbox regularly and will respond to all requests as we are able to.

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