Website localization

Your website is a shop window to the world. Whatever your product or industry, we can ensure your offer is specifically tailored to local audiences.

Creating the right impression is imperative both for large global companies relying heavily on international revenue, and small, fast-growing organisations just beginning to branch out overseas.

To really make a splash, great localisation of your product and promotional materials is essential.


A suite of localisation and website translation services for the digital age

Our website translation services are designed to bring your products and content to new markets quickly and cost-effectively. We want them to soar! With comprehensive experience of initial website translation, and regular updating, we work across a vast range of languages, industries and target audiences. Significant cost savings come courtesy of our Translation Management System (TMS), which interfaces with existing applications (e.g. CMS, DMS, CRM, eProcurement and custom-developed systems) to remove manual administration in sending/collecting translation documents.

What can we do for you?

We offer fully-automated website localisation services – with content delivered directly back to your local network.


Proxy solution

Website proxy approach is ideal for websites with no Adobe Flash graphics or animations.

As part of our website translation services we also offer a translation proxy solution. The proxy takes a snapshot of your current website, capturing text and HTML within a database ready for translation. Once the translation is complete, it can be published as a new language version of your website. This process can be repeated to update local sites when edits are made to main sites.


Website connectors (CMS)

CMS integration maximizes the benefits of working with our Translation Management System (TMS).

All commercial content management systems, as well as custom-developed applications, can be integrated through our dedicated Connectors or web services API. Translations can be initiated manually or automatically, according to predefined business rules, enabling a seamless and efficient workflow and upload of content into live environments.

thebigword has more than 10 years’ of experience in website localisation services, working with more than 60 off-the-shelf and bespoke Content Management Systems including:

Global consumers expect multimedia content — especially video — and there’s a direct correlation with sales. Our website translation services include a full range of multimedia localisation options.

Our end-to-end service portfolio includes: evaluation/estimation, translation, typesetting, subtitling, voiceover and dubbing, as well as rebuild and linguistic/functional QA.

All projects are professionally managed by our specialist multimedia team, working with assessed and approved technical experts worldwide.

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Why thebigword?

Transform your global communications with our world-class expertise, specialist project managers and advanced language technology.

  1. Interpretation, translation and localization services to help you trade anytime, anywhere
  2. Agile technology at the touch of a button
  3. Timely solutions available 24/7/365
  4. Strong, long-term client partnerships
  5. Delivering the best services every time
Top 5 Global Interpreting Award

Number 1 Interpreting Provider in Europe

thebigword Group is proud to be ranked as the top interpretation company in Europe, and number 4 worldwide.

The 2019 rankings have been compiled by Nimdzi, an international language-industry research agency looking into the global interpreting market.

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