eLearning localization

Many organizations choose to conduct initial and ongoing training via remote eLearning courses, and statistics show that training delivered in the employee’s native language is much more likely to be effective.

Our comprehensive solution includes a mix of services that combine to maximize content absorption for your remote learners.

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How eLearning localization works

Course Assessment & Content Extraction


Voiceover Or Subtitles' Production

Course Re-build

Functionality Testing

In-Context Review


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Statistics show that eLearning courses in employees’ native languages are far more likely to be effective. Many organizations choose to conduct both initial and ongoing training via remote eLearning, which is where our comprehensive language solutions can really help.

Content authoring

Testing and Quality assurance

Platform localization

Managed in-country review

Production of voiceover/subtitles

We work with all major learning platforms and authoring tools, including:

Course types

Global HR and Learning courseware

Financial software training courses

IT User Assistance

Nutrition and wellbeing tutorials

Safety management tutorials

Luxury brand familiarization training

Automotive dealer training tutorials

Sales techniques training

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