Breakthroughs in medicine and advances in technology create opportunities, which impact companies and individuals across the globe. Through such developments, people receive healthcare, the correct diagnosis and vital information about medical applications and it is imperative that they are able to access this information in their native language.

The language barrier is undoubtedly a great challenge to advancements in technology and medicine. Just one simple mistranslation or misinterpretation could entirely change the meaning of a diagnosis or critical research, preventing someone from understanding a health professional’s or researchers’ instructions, putting an individual’s health at risk.

Working with medically qualified linguists, language services providers can support the medical profession with accurate translations and interpretation, ensuring important information can be easily accessible on an international scale.

From medical packaging and labeling to patient information leaflets, LSPs break down the communication barrier in a variety of situations allowing the delivery of first-class medical care.

Utilizing translation or interpretation services promotes a sense of care and sensitivity in stressful and potentially life changing situations for health patients. Being able to access a service in their native language adds a necessary element of ease and comfort and allows a healthcare professional to address any concerns or questions.

Not only is translation and interpretation important for clients and patients, but also healthcare professionals themselves. Currently in the UK, 11 percent of all staff and 26 percent of doctors are non-English, emphasizing the importance of accessible healthcare in their native language. This allows a better process of communication between the doctor and patient.

It is important to invest into a professional translation and interpretation company with expertise in the medical industry to guarantee your translation and interpretation is dealt with in a professional manner. It is also vital that the linguists are medically trained, as medical language and instructions can often be complex and require a deeper level of professional understanding.

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