For 45 years, Vecoplan AG has been a leading manufacturer of machines and plant in the area of international wood and recycling management. The company, which is based in Bad Marienberg, Westerwald, Germany, develops, manufactures and markets technologically sophisticated machines and plants for grinding, conveying and processing wood, biomass and pellets, paper, plastics, substitute fuels and domestic and industrial waste.

Many of the company’s environmental technology components are protected by patent, giving Vecoplan a unique competitive position in respect of quality, energy efficiency and ease of maintenance. Today, almost 400 people work at the company’s German headquarters, as well as in subsidiaries in the UK, Spain, Austria and the United States. Vecoplan operates an extensive dealer and service network, guaranteeing a local presence and support for its customers on every continent.

The Challenge

Like many other global manufacturers, Vecoplan has to comply with the machinery directive stipulations (basic safety requirements for machinery to be used on the European market) and provide technical documentation to ensure the equipment is safe to use and users are warned about remaining hazards, if any, in the respective local language. Following the continued increase in the number of EU member states, the company had reached the limits of its internal translation capabilities.

To begin with, Vecoplan worked with a number of different translation agencies and students. However, it became increasingly difficult to find translators that could deliver to the highest professional standards, particularly for Southern and Eastern European languages.

Another challenge was the turnaround of documents. In the area of plant construction in particular, changes often have to be incorporated at a very late stage in the commissioning phase of a plant. Additional documentation therefore has to be written at the last minute in order to incorporate these changes immediately, because all documentation must be present and complete by the end of commissioning. With this in mind, translated documents are often needed within the space of 24 hours.

Vecoplan also wanted to put an end to the time consuming business of sending out individual files via email and was looking for an automated system that would allow them to upload and download files in need of translating, and a system that would provide a good overview of the status of current translation jobs.

The Solution

thebigword was able to satisfy all of the above requirements immediately, or rapidly develop customised services to do so.

thebigword has a large database of translators with manufacturing expertise and subject knowledge so is able to provide linguists with relevant experience of this sector who understand the purpose of the documentation as well as the importance of clear communication of technical details. This has enabled Vecoplan to have documents translated into a greater range of languages, to a consistently high standard.

The most pressing documents are also prioritised to ensure rapid turnaround for translations, with the most important documents ready within 24 hours.

thebigword tailored an automated system for Vecoplan as part of their innovative Translation Management System (TMS) enabling documents to be transferred before and after translation. This rapidly sped up the process.

The system also gives Vecoplan a status overview of jobs in progress and translation requests can be sent two hours before delivery for certain urgent documents. All documents under 1,000 words can be set to be delivered within 24 hours.

“It is impossible to fault the level of service and quality of solution

provided by thebigword project managers at both their Leeds and Düsseldorf offices. thebigword offers a highly automated, complete solution for professional translation. As a business, it is also very good at adhering to deadlines.

Thorsten Petters – Head of Technical Documentation, Vecoplan