No matter what your industry specializes in, from healthcare and finance to manufacturing and hospitality, a global presence requires your business to effectively communicate your message to your intended audience, and it is great advancements in technology that make this achievable.

Technology is an unavoidable aspect of modern life, and has caused a momentous shift in the way in which the world works. It is sometimes hard to believe that modern life staples, such as computers, the internet, smartphones and tablet devices, were considered revolutionary not very long ago.

Now, new advancements are made almost every week, and the speed at which our digital world evolves is likely to only get faster. Innovation over the last 10 years has seen the emergence of a vast array of advanced solutions, driving accessibility, data granularity and engagement.

Machine Translation (MT) powered by AI is just one of these great advancements in the language industry. It is an efficient, cost effective solution which provides both high quality and quick gist translation.

Here at thebigword, we have in-house MT expert engineers who can provide support and advice on machine translation engine management and customization. We view MT as a component of a program, where the driving strategy is as important as the service and technology.

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