At thebigword we are proud to celebrate the diversity amongst our employees. We don’t just celebrate our inclusive policies on age, gender and ethnicity, but we encourage cognitive diversity and recruit people from all different work experiences and backgrounds. With a wide range of roles across our 12 global offices, we recruit talented people that share our values and passion for language services. We take a skills and qualities first approach and welcome applicants from other industries, keen to enter the localization industry.

Quotes from the team who have come from different industries

“I left college in 2007 and moved to Paris the same day as handing in my final assignment. Whilst in France, I completed 5 years as a tour guide and children’s entertainer, as well as becoming a qualified Fencing and Archery Instructor. I loved every minute of my time in Paris, however there’s only so many times a year you can be dragged onto the Disneyland Paris rides! I made the decision to return home and start afresh.

On return, I landed myself a short-term role at a cinema chain, and took on aspects of their HR department. I thoroughly enjoyed the recruitment process, and saw that thebigword was looking for Linguist Recruiters. This was my first office job so I didn’t think much of it when applying, however luckily thebigword took me on in their recruitment department. After 11 months, I applied for a more senior role in the HR department, and I have now been there for 6 months amongst a hardworking, friendly team.  I feel incredibly lucky that the thebigword gave me this opportunity despite my previous work in a completely different industry.”

Mathew Stretton, Recruitment Coordinator

“In 2013, I completed an intense 6-week training course at London Stansted for an airline. Shortly after, I moved to Charleroi in Belgium to begin my career as part of their Cabin Crew with my first flight being to Porto in Portugal.

In 2014, I returned to the UK and landed myself a role at a gym. Keen to explore my options in a different industry, I applied for the role of Front of House Manager at thebigword and was delighted to get the job. One year later, I am thoroughly enjoying my role and was recently lucky enough to take on an additional opportunity as Executive Assistant to the CEO.”

Carl Widdrington, Front of House Manager and Executive Assistant to the CEO

“Before joining thebigword, I worked in the Finance and Insurance sector, with over 23 years of experience in the development of large strategic complex accounts.

During this time in a role as an Account Director, I worked with various large blue chip organizations developing their new business sales and retention strategies, globally. I worked in collaboration to create acquisition, cross sell and multi-channel plans, supported by customer satisfaction programs.

After many years in the industry, building my knowledge and experience as a Strategic Development Director working overseas in Australia, US and the Philippines, I decided to settle back in the UK and made a career change into Language Services at thebigword. I applied for the role of Strategic Sales Director within the Public Sector in 2013, responsible for the large strategic UKGOV accounts. During this time, I have delivered growth, successfully renewed contracts and built strong client relationships, with longevity. It is very rewarding transferring Sales knowledge and experience into a different sector and seeing the great results.”

Amanda Ree, Strategic Development Director