Orlando, Florida-based Hard Rock International operates Hard Rock Cafés, Hard Rock Hotels and Rock Shops around the world, with more than 175 locations that include casinos and live music venues in 55 countries. Hard Rock continues to expand, with plans to open more than a dozen cafés and hotels in coming years. High brand loyalty has been achieved since the opening of the first Hard Rock Café in 1971 in London, thanks to the music, wall-to-wall memorabilia and top-notch service that provide unforgettable experiences at the venues. The chain began to expand worldwide in 1982 with locations in (among others) Toronto, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Paris and Berlin.

Hard Rock has amassed one of the largest collections of rock-and-roll memorabilia in the world, much of which debuted on the hotel and casino scene when the first Hard Rock Hotel opened in 1995 in Las Vegas.


The Challenge

An iconic mainstay in the casual-dining and hospitality realm, consistently carrying over Hard Rock’s unique tone-its storied and well-branded character-was top priority for stakeholders, as was the message of creating “a one-of-a-kind experience that rocks.”

For thebigword, achieving this task was inherently complicated by multiple requestors from different departments, such as for training materials, websites and other corporate communication channels. This also affected another requirement-timely delivery, particularly for translating training material including the Guide 2 Greatness employee handbooks, as well as the Hard Rock Café rewards brochures and other documents, in about 14 different languages.

As Hard Rock further establishes its global footprint, timely website translation remains another critical requirement. Up-to-date online content, accurately translated for its global customer base, has been a focus since 2011 when Hard Rock became a client.

The Solution

As a preferred solution provider, thebigword has supplied several voiceovers for Hard Rock, as well as website content translations for both internal (staff) and external customer-facing usage.

Translation services have included guest surveys and localization projects, which entailed providing content for target audiences. This specialized focus gives thebigword a rich understanding of not only Hard Rock’s clientele and business, but the food service and hospitality industries as well, providing a double benefit: consistent brand messaging for Hard Rock, and industry experience for thebigword that can be leveraged for future services.

Utilising the correct style guide and reference materials assisted thebigword in upgrading the company’s Translation Memory ™, helping Hard Rock both from a quality standpoint and to ensure cost savings by reusing the translated material over time.

From a service standpoint thebigword has been able to centralise the process of gathering inputs from Hard Rock’s multiple service requestors; email delivery, for example, is now primarily replaced with online collaboration and communication through thebigword TMS, better expediting the translation process for both companies. Timely service delivery of ad hoc requests via a centralized process ensures that all orders are received and processed efficiently and accurately, resulting in more than £7,700 (nearly 9%) in savings for Hard Rock.

Partnering with thebigword, Hard Rock is poised to continue its unique rock-and-roll message, not just in English-speaking countries but around the world.