In recent years, reports suggest that there has been a rise in interest in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Typically, CSR covers a company’s social, economic and environmental impact as well as company engagement in the local community, such as volunteering to support local causes and charity fundraising. CSR is much more than just a documented policy.

Although CSR policies have been around for a long time, reports indicate that they are actually beginning to impact the choices people are making about the brands they buy from and the companies that they want to work for. This rise in interest is arguably connected to the increase in socially and ethically motivated movements. Due to these changes, it is critical that companies address the needs and wants of employees, prospects and existing clients to remain competitive.

Naturally, people have an affinity to brands with similar values to themselves and trends, which suggest that customers, partners and potential employees are making engagement decisions based on wider criteria than price, quality and job perks. People expect and feel empowered to demand greater transparency and care from the brands they love for the social, economic and environmental factors the company impacts.

At thebigword, CSR is very much at the heart of the team culture. Our internal reports highlight that actively engaging our team with our CSR objectives has supported our recruitment and retention efforts. We involve our teams internationally in giving back to the local and global community and have a Head of CSR, Michele Gould, who alongside a dedicated CSR committee drives international initiatives for positive change and charitable giving.

It is important that our employees have a say, so we collaborate with all teams by celebrating global events such as Chinese New Year, Yorkshire Day and Pride. We encourage fundraising efforts and have recently completed activities such as our recent Allied Force Foundation charity skydive, Yorkshire Day bake sale, shoe drive for Soles4Soles and our annual foodbank.

We are proud to be championing CSR at thebigword and understand that it requires continuous effort and engagement. We have produced in-house tools to support the committee with upcoming awareness of activities and events to ensure our commitment and dedication.

Sarah Paveley – Senior HR Business Partner