In an age of digital connectivity where technology is quickly developing, Language Service Provider’s (LSPs) are able to provide more innovative and advanced services to industries such as healthcare, transportation and education.

Telephone interpreting is just one example of how technology is advancing on a rapid scale and providing essential solutions in the most critical of situations where the language barrier needs breaking down.

Why is telephone interpreting a first class solution?


  1. A fast solution

In industries such as the emergency services, critical scenarios are unavoidable and unplanned, meaning there is limited time to book a face-to-face interpreter and take into account aspects such as travel time, linguist availability and venues. Face to face interpreting is a first class solution for situations such as conferences and meetings where there is enough time to plan ahead.

In emergency situations, an instant solution is required, making telephone interpreting the most appropriate approach to an emergency scenario. Especially with new technology such as telephone interpreting mobile apps, solutions have never been quicker.


  1. Cost effective

As well as being a quick solution, telephone interpreting is cost effective as there are no additional costs involved such as travel and potentially accommodation for the interpreter.

When compared to the costs involved with face to face interpreting, this process involves less overheads.


  1. Straight forward

Through the use of a mobile app, telephone interpreting has never been easier. The process requires the simple dialing of a number, selecting the required language and waiting to be connected to an interpreter – an easy and simple method of instant communication.


  1. No geographical limitations

Telephone interpreters can be booked from any place, any time. A client doesn’t need to wait for confirmation that there is an interpreter available in the required area – the benefits of telephone interpreting means that your call can be immediately answered from virtually any location as there is a wider community of interpreters instantly available.


At thebigword, we’ve developed state-of-the-art technology, WordSynk. WordSynk is an efficient, on-demand, 24/7/385 service, suitable for emergencies and critical situations such as the police and the NHS, who save lives and working in challenging conditions where immediate access to an interpreter may be required. Visit our page to find out more.