Speed and accuracy, with MT powered by AI

No matter what your industry specializes in, from healthcare and finance to manufacturing and hospitality, a global presence requires your…

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Are you putting your clients’ and your own data at risk?

By Josh Gould, Chief Commercial Officer Security and compliance – what does it mean? Go back a decade – before…

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Linguists and machines working in harmony

Linguists and machines working in harmony By Joshua Gould, Chief Commercial Officer How technology is learning to recognize sense from…

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What is Machine Translation?

Machine Translation (MT) provides an automated way to translate content using computer software. Original source content is used for translation…

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Sealed Air

Sealed Air Corporation is a global leader in food safety and security, facility hygiene and product protection. It has a…

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Top 5 Global Interpreting Award

Number 1 Interpreting Provider in Europe

thebigword Group is proud to be ranked as the top interpretation company in Europe, and number 4 worldwide.

The 2019 rankings have been compiled by Nimdzi, an international language-industry research agency looking into the global interpreting market.

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