Video interpreting

VRI offers one-touch access to professional video interpreters on your PC, tablet or smartphone. Non-verbal communication (including body language and facial expression) further facilitates empathy and clarity of understanding.


Advantages of VRI:


  1. Covers top 20 languages
  2. British Sign Language option
  3. Audio-only service in 240+ languages
  4. On-demand access to 15,000 expert linguists
  5. Industry-trained interpreters, tested and monitored
  6. High quality video and audio
  7. 24/7 technical support

Interpreter Management System (IMS Direct)

Finding you the right interpreter in minutes! IMS.Direct is a fast and convenient solution for all your translation needs.

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Why thebigword?

Transform your global communications with our world-class expertise, specialist project managers and advanced language technology.

  1. Interpretation, translation and localization services to help you trade anytime, anywhere
  2. Agile technology at the touch of a button
  3. Timely solutions available 24/7/365
  4. Strong, long-term client partnerships
  5. Delivering the best services every time
WordSynk App on an iPhoneX


Our latest powerful mobile application which puts instant access to interpreters in the palm of your hand.

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