Specialised language solutions tailored to a variety of healthcare organizations

In the healthcare industry, there is no room for errors. Just one simple mistranslation or misinterpretation could entirely change the meaning of a diagnosis or critical research, preventing someone from understanding a health professional’s or researchers instructions, putting an individual’s health at risk. Medical language and instructions can often be complex and require a deeper level of professional understanding.

That’s why our specialist linguists are fully-trained professionals with several years’ experience within the healthcare industry, across the globe. With nearly 40 years’ experience providing language support, we’re trusted by some of the biggest names worldwide. We provide a consultancy-based approach, meaning each client is a unique partner.

Our extensive range of services to public sector organizations includes:

Medical Reports
Patient Communication
Telephone Interpreting
Video Remote Interpreting
Disclosure Agreements
Face to Face Interpreting
Press Releases

Talking your language

Here at thebigword we know that government-approved industries and organizations have a language all of their own so we have developed the language services and technology to help you not only cope, but thrive in the global arena.

Specialist Linguist Selection
Specialist Linguist Selection

Specialist Linguist Selection

Having the most extensive network of linguists in the world means we can match your requirements perfectly. Our linguists are all tested and approved within their areas of expertise. This means every professional working for clients in the healthcare industry has passed translation test-pieces that include sector relevant content.

Our Technology

Introducing WordSynk

Our latest powerful mobile application which puts instant access to interpreters in the palm of your hand.

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The most secure translation platform in the world

thebigword has a dedicated medical-approved industries and organizations team with project managers and hundreds of translators, editors and reviewers, all with extensive public sector experience.

Top 5 Global Interpreting Award

Number 1 Interpreting Provider in Europe

thebigword Group is proud to be ranked as the top interpretation company in Europe, and number 4 worldwide.

The 2019 rankings have been compiled by Nimdzi, an international language-industry research agency looking into the global interpreting market.

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