The only Language Service Provider (LSP) to be listed on all four Government contract frameworks

thebigword has been trusted for more than 30 years to provide high quality, cost-effective language solutions to HMRC, the Ministry of Defence, the Home Office, the CPS and the police. We’re also proud to hold the UK’s biggest public sector interpreting contract with the Ministry of Justice. With shrinking budgets, and public sector organizations increasingly forced to do more with less, thebigword will work with you to find bespoke, affordable language solutions. Our dedicated public sector team means you’ll be in direct contact with experts – so you always receive the best possible service. The only Language Service Provider to be listed on all four Government Frameworks, thebigword is approved and trusted to provide high quality, cost-effective language solutions to public sector organizations.

Our extensive range of services to public sector organizations includes:

Regulatory documents
Website and intranet
Customer Communication
Training and e-learning
Disclosure Agreements
Sworn Translations
Press Releases

Talking your language

Here at thebigword we know that government-approved industries and organizations have a language all of their own so we have developed the language services and technology to help you not only cope, but thrive in the global arena.

Specialist Linguist Selection
Specialist Linguist Selection

Specialist Linguist Selection

Having the most extensive network of linguists in the world means we can match your requirements perfectly. Our linguists are all tested and approved within their areas of expertise. This means every professional working for clients in the healthcare industry has passed translation test-pieces that include sector relevant content.

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Key Industry Feature

Data Security - Managing your content securely and effectively

We recognize that data security, accuracy and experience are crucial to the healthcare sector

This is where our proven technology and industry expertise can support you, your global clients and affiliates. Underpinning everything we do is a drive to maintain a standards-led philosophy and we are proud to be certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. We were also the first business within the sector to obtain ISO 27001, the internationally recognized standard for information security.

The most secure translation platform in the world

thebigword has a dedicated medical-approved industries and organizations team with project managers and hundreds of translators, editors and reviewers, all with extensive public sector experience.

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